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For some time past, a foolish individual has been masquerading in “ghostly attire,” frightening women and children, and many stories have been told of adventures sustained in connection with the nocturnal promenader. The affair got to the ears of the police, and suspicion falling upon a certain individual, he was interviewed by Constable Gillanders, who informed him that if “the ghost” played up again he would be likely to get into trouble. The reply given was, “All right, sir,” and since that time the perturbed spirit has been at rest.


Port Fairy Ghost Stories contains many of the town’s most beloved tales of hauntings and ghostly presences. Many of the stories are based on historical people, buildings and events, and research has proven these tales to be far more substantial than mere rumour. Port Fairy also has its fair share of contemporary ghost stories, so get ready for some mind-boggling yarns that you haven’t heard before.

Port Fairy Ghost Stories is a not-for-profit project that aims to be self-supporting. As soon as the project becomes profitable, proceeds will be donated to a local charitable cause nominated by the contributors and sponsors.

The book also promotes the talents of many wonderful local artists through their unique interpretations of the town’s ghostly tales.

The current committee members are (in alphabetical order):

Maria Cameron

Geoff Griffith

Tracie Griffith

Julie Hoey

Rod Muir


Brown was a very good fellow, but, alas, he had one bad habit. It was that of frequently returning home in the small hours of the morning.

One day Mrs. B. hit upon a plan. If she could not persuade him out of the habit, perhaps she could frighten him out of it. Consequently, when he reached home late that night he was confronted by a tall, white-shrouded figure, which glided towards him.

“Wh-wh-what’s that?” gasped poor Brown.

“I am the family ghost,” replied a sepulchral voice.

Brown heaved a sigh of relief.

“Great Scot!” he said: “how you frightened me! I thought it was the missis!”

PORT FAIRY GAZETTE 23rd December 1918