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I am a Technical Writer by profession and an aspiring author. My first novel, ‘Redemption’, is due for publication in early 2017 (also set in Port Fairy).

Coming soon! Port Fairy’s chilling, thrilling ghost stories

by Tracie Griffith The news from the printer is that the Port Fairy Ghost Stories book is almost ready for delivery. We can’t wait for you to see it! We wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in the production of the book. This not-for-profit venture would [...]

The rumour file and other ghost stories we can’t resist

by Tracie Griffith When we began our research into Port Fairy’s ghost stories, we started with a list of about 30 stories that we called our rumour file. They were simply the stories that members of the committee had heard over the years and which seemed as good a [...]

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Tracking Port Fairy’s great white sharks

by Tracie Griffith Why a blog on the tracking of Port Fairy’s great white sharks? I’ll get to that later. First it’s worth taking a look at how much we’ve learned about this species in recent decades. Through genetic testing, scientists have established there are two separate populations of [...]

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Big Ben parades through the streets of Port Fairy

by Tracie Griffith Julie Hoey has made quite a splash in the Port Fairy Moyneyana Festival’s New Year’s Eve Parade, winning Best Float for the past three years - in 2014 with her stunning Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse float, in 2015 with her dramatic Trojan Horse float and [...]

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To Port Fairy, with love from Burkittsville, Maryland, USA

by Tracie Griffith When researching the making of the short film The Legend of Matilda Dixon, I was left with more questions than answers (refer to the story Matilda Dixon Uncut on the Home page). Particularly after reading about the town of Burkittsville in Maryland, USA, which was promoted [...]

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Who came up with the idea for the Port Fairy Ghost Stories project anyway?

by Tracie Griffith The idea for the Port Fairy Ghost Stories project started with a conversation about the work Secrets 1 (above), between the artist Berit Hampel and myself. Berit is a member of the Whale Bone Gallery collective and I would often drop into the gallery to admire [...]

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Whatever happened to Thelma Mary Wade?

by Tracie Griffith The story of the Cox Street Axe Murder continues to intrigue, with the question of what happened to Thelma Mary Wade remaining unanswered. It appears that little Stewart Wade was not the only victim of his mother’s senseless crime. Known accounts suggest that Thelma led a troubled existence; [...]

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Welcome to the Port Fairy Ghost Stories project website!

by Tracie Griffith Research for the Port Fairy Ghost Stories project has been underway for nearly two years now. We started with a long list of rumoured stories from our group of intrepid ghost hunters and expanded on this as locals suggested additional leads. Along the way, we discovered that many of [...]

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